• Jan-Oct 2016 Motion AI Full Stack Engineer
  • Jan-May 2015 HackingEDU Lead Web Developer (Part-Time)
  • June-Sept 2014 Snapcard Full Stack Developer Intern


Boston Housing | Using basic machine learning concepts to price new homes with decision trees, grid search, and k-fold cross-validation

Exploratory Data Analysis on Prosper Loan Data | Exploring crowdfunded loan data to find insights between borrowers, lenders and the loans that they broker

Data Wrangling with OpenStreetMap and MongoDB | Collecting, auditing, normalizing, and wrangling user generated mapping data for my hometown Cupertino, CA

Analyzing the NYC Subway Dataset | An investigation on how subway ridership is affected by incidence of rain. Predicting ridership with linear regression and gradient descent.


  • 2013-2015 San Francisco State University, B.S. Computer Science
  • Sept 2015 Udacity | Data Analysis with R
  • Aug 2015 Udacity | Data Wrangling with MongoDB
  • Aug 2015 Udacity | Intro to Data Science
  • Jan 2015 Coursera | Machine Learning